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Analyzes your registry and other areas of Windows to detect and solve problems
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RegCure Pro is a system maintenance tool that scans your registry, and other areas of Windows, for errors that are usually the cause of problems such as slowness, instability, poor performance and system crashes. The program lists all the detected problems and allows you to fix them all in one go, but you can also select which to remove and which to conserve, either individually or by analyzed areas.

The program's user interface is organized in tabs, being "System Scan" the most relevant one. It shows you the area of your system that is currently being analyzed, and the number of detected issues for each one, once the process finishes. Now you can simply press the "Fix All" button to solve all the detected problems, or you can use the "Edit" link available in each area to see its detailed information and select the errors that should be solved. Of course, this alternative is much more suitable for experts and system administrators. Anyway, by default the program automatically creates a restore point before applying any corrections to your system, so that you can easily return to its previous state if things don't work as expected after the cleanup process.

In fact, another of the program's areas "Restore" allows you to manage your Windows restore points, whether they have been created by RegCure Pro or not. You can select and restore any of them, or else remove it and recover disk space, which is very useful to get rid of old restore points. You are also allowed to manually create a restore point at any moment. The next section is "Tools" and, as you may have guessed, it offers you some extra tools that complement the program's maintenance job. Those tools include a startup manager, a disk defragmenter, a file extensions manager, a process manager and a Browser Helper Object (BHO) manager.

Finally, the last section of the program is "Maintenance". It is dedicated to the scheduling of automatic maintenance tasks for your system. Namely, the available tasks are disk defragmentation, malware cleanup, registry analysis and optimization, privacy items and junk file cleanup. You can configure any of them to be executed daily, once a week, twice a week or monthly, or simply disable them.

In a nutshell, I would say that RegCure Pro is a comprehensive set of tools that help you keep your system clean and running fast and smooth. As a drawback, the system analysis process of this tool takes much longer than those of other similar tools. Also, you can only test the program for 15 days before you need to register, to continue using it. However, RegCure Pro is easy to use and one of the most appropriate tools of its kind for inexpert users, as compared with many other maintenance suites available on the software market.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Detects and repairs problems in all relevant areas of your system
  • Creates a system restore point before applying any repairs
  • Manages your restore points
  • Includes various extra tools to complement your system maintenance
  • Schedules automatic maintenance tasks for your system


  • Slow system analysis process
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